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  1. The Benefits of Going Outside More
  2. Staying Cool and Hydrated with an Insulated Bottle

It seems that modern-day people have taken on more sedentary lifestyles. Rather than going outside and enjoying long walks, exploring the city or natural environment, and taking in the sunlight, people tend to stay indoors binge-watching television, working on a computer, or playing games.

A lot of that is due to a lack of convenience in the outside world, and the comfort brought to them by indoor activities.

If that sounds like you, but you want to get outside a bit more, we have some key points you should consider next time you feel like turning on Netflix and lounging around for hours.

As days get warmer, you can just take your time to go outside and enjoy the wonderful landscape in the spring.


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The Benefits of Going Outside More

Going outside isn't just for people who want to be more active. There are known health benefits that are both mental and physical that anyone can enjoy, and there are a variety of things you can do outside to match your interests. If you're not into jogging around town or sitting at the park, consider heading out to your local wooded areas and exploring.

We're sure everyone knows at least something they love doing outdoors. Still, if you explore and find new things to do, you'll increase the quality of your experience dramatically compared to just doing the basic things everyone does nowadays.

Here are some benefits you'll enjoy when you get up, go outdoors, and enjoy nature.

1: Lowered Stress Levels

Did you know that going outdoors can lower your stress levels? This is one of the most important benefits, so we're discussing it first.

In today's world, you're stuck in a cubicle or other indoor location for long hours, and you build up stress the longer you do it. When you go outdoors, even if it's just for an hour a day, you can relax in ways that you simply can't when you go home and relax on the couch or do other sedentary activities.

You can escape background noise, distance yourself from responsibility, and just take things in.

Reducing your stress levels can help benefit your mental and physical health and help ward off heart attacks, a growing threat in many parts of the world.

2: Heightened Physical Fitness

Whether walking to your local park for a day of fishing, casually hiking in the woods, or jogging for miles around your home, you're doing a lot more physical activity than you would if you simply stayed in your home and laid around.

This helps some of the most common problems in the world. You burn calories, improve cardiovascular health, and enhance overall health. That's before taking into account the activity you plan on doing. If you get to the location and hike, that's more exercise. Even if you just go fishing, you still walk around and move.

By lowering your weight and improving your overall health, you extend your natural lifespan and generally feel better.


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3: Emotional Health

Have you ever noticed that you feel depressed, anxious, or otherwise emotionally unhealthy when you stay indoors for too long? That's because your body craves being outside. The sun gives you vitamin D, the calm and natural feeling of the outdoors helps with stress, and the exercise you'll be doing releases dopamine that makes you feel good. Also, your eyes produce melatonin naturally when they're exposed to sunlight. So you'll sleep easier, which tremendously affects your mood and mental health.

Staying Cool and Hydrated with an Insulated Bottle

Of course, many people know about these benefits and still opt to stay inside because of one big drawback; they can't seem to stay hydrated or conveniently keep their favorite drinks at the right temperature during prolonged outings.

That's why you get an insulated water bottle, but you have to choose the size for your needs.

An insulated water bottle is your normal water bottle concept. Still, it has multiple layers designed to insulate the bottle's interior and keep drinks cold, or if you're outdoors during the colder months, they can even keep things like coffee hot.

This is a great way to bring along water, juice, energy blends, coffee, and other things you want to keep you pepped up while you exercise and stay hydrated.

BUZIO 64 OZ insulated bottles can hold enough beverages and water for you to go outside. At the same time, the carry pouch and strap make it super convenient to bring your insulated water bottle everywhere. Remember to clean the bottle after use.


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