What Size of Water Bottle Should I Get?

how to choose a water bottle

With the momentum of soulful and sustainable living picking up, we are won over by the awareness on how water drinking helps with a fitter body and mind. To make water drinking a healthy and affordable habit, we seem to have reached an agreement on choosing insulated stainless steel water bottles, which are reusable, recyclable, and most important of all, keep our drinks fresh and tasteful for long periods of time.

With the type of water bottle in mind, now it comes the more tricky question, what size of a bottle do I need? Well, it actually depends on your needs. There are compact and sleek sizes that are good enough to bring to the office each day, and there are bigger ones specifically for outdoor endeavors. According to the U.S. National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, men need an adequate daily fluid intake of about 15.5 cups (125 oz / 1 gallon) and women need 11.5 cups ( 91 oz / 0.7 gallon). This will shed some light on how to choose a bottle based on our schedules.  


In general, we prefer a smaller size for the sake of portability. So for office workers, a 24 oz tumbler is the most popular. Refill is as easy as a leisure stroll to the pantry. With a wide mouth, it can be readily refilled and its slim size can fit in all standard cupholders. You can also go up to a 32 ounce bottle if you prefer less refills or you need to spend long time on the road. For gym rats and outdoor enthusiasts, a larger bottle seems to be a better choice.


Do you need a bottle for office, gym, hiking, travel, or home use? Idenfitying your purpose is the first step to making a right choice. You won’t want to take a 24 ounce tumbler for an overnight camping trip. The same that you wouldn’t want to carry around a 64oz jug in the office. Here are some of the top picks catering to user’s need.


Choose a smaller size from 16 ounce to 40 ounce for everyday use where refills are easily accessible. That way your bottle can easily become a part of your life without taking up much of your space or attention. For field workers, 64 ounces are the most popular as they hold 8 cups of water in one fill and keep your drinks icy cold in blazing sun for a whole day. You can upgrade to the 87 oz / 128 oz jug if you prefer drinking lots and sharing when coworkers run out. BUZIO iconic half gallon and gallon insulated jugs are by far the favorite model for being a reliable source of hydration no matter the elements. At the end of the day, who doesn’t like a bottle that takes care of a whole day’s water intake in one attempt? 


One is most prone to lose track of water intake on the road, thus most likely to suffer from dehydrations. For a travel bottle, it needs to be big enough to hold a decent amount to last at least half a day and easy to carry with a sleek outlook. BUZIO Trophy Series 32oz bottles are on top of the list for people on the road. It sports a smart T shape to fit in most cupholders. Its unique trophy shaped design has become a staple for busy travellers. You can also pick BUZIO 40 ounce standard version in case you fancy a larger and more classic looking bottle.


If you need a bottle that holds enough for more than one day, like on a camping trip, you probably need to pick a gallon bottle. More often, you are taking water for more than one person. In this case, go for the biggest 1.5 gallon (192oz). With sufficient water, you’ll never be in the horror of losing your lifeline and be hung out to dry. Larger bottles are now trending for being versatile and dependable in extreme conditions.


Hydration is critical to kids. So investing in a cute and easy to use water bottle for the little ones is on top of each parent’s agenda. Kids sweat a lot as they are always running, wrestling, and playing, hence water replenishing in a timely manner is ever more important. A 14 ounce insulated water bottle is a good choice for tiny hands. With some practice, they can even refill on their own. With 3 colors and tones to choose from, BUZIO kids water bottles are widely loved by parents and the little monsters alike.


To conclude, you can have a bottle that takes care of your top agenda or you can have multiple ones for needs on special occasions. If function-specific bottles inspire you to drink more of your favorite beverages, go for different models, ‘cause we all know that water drinking is the easiest and quickest way to fitness. Why not do it right?