When on the trek, it’s essential to bring the best water bottle to keep you hydrated and energized on the go.

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As summer ends, autumn beckons, we are ushered in the best season of the year. It’s high time we get busy planning our yearly grand outing. Either you fancy a camping trip to the best foliage viewing spots, or a backpack hiking on the most popular routes, you can never nail it without the best vacuum insulated bottle. It’s a daily necessity but often overlooked piece of kit, the value behind it is inestimable.

Experiences show that even the shortest stroll outdoor will see you work up a thirst, carrying a bottle is wise, and on a longer expedition, it’s absolutely essential. So a good quality water bottle is a vital outdoor kit no matter your destination. Here we’ll elaborate on the qualities and features we dig in the best water bottle for hiking.

insulated water bottle for hiking

What to Look for in a Hiking Insulated Water Bottle


Before buying a water bottle for hiking, the first question we ask is how big. Simple as it sounds, it can be a fuss if you miscalculate your purpose. Are you going on a long excursion or a short jaunt, are you planning to stay the nights on a campsite or make it a one-day tour. It’s worth giving the matter full deliberation. Larger capacities are not only bulkier but also weigh more, but it’s essential for warmer climates or longer hikes, runs, or cycling excursions. Meanwhile, smaller flasks will weigh less, but it may be insufficient for bigger plans.

If you can find taps and drinkable water sources on the route, smaller containers are ideal, saving you the trouble of lagging along a big guy. Hike light makes sure you tap further. Plan ahead and make sure the water source is right on your way is super important. 

Just on the safe side, carrying a BUZIO half gallon / 64 oz water bottle will bring you extra peace of mind, as you are assured of a whole day of refreshing hydration in all situations. No matter the weather or duration of your hike, you are guaranteed a full bottle of icy cold water until the very end.


Sporting an iconic wide mouth and straw lid, again, BUZIO Duet Series 64 oz water bottles with straws come super handy in quenching your thirst on the move, so that not a single drop will be spilled and a sight will be missed.

How you drink concerns how efficient your hiking is, so ease of use is another key points to consider. Narrow mouth bottles with straw lids can be convenient for warmer climates, as you can sup away on the go. The only bummer is that ice filling is more of a hassle as the opening may block large chunks. However, as temperature plummets, you may want to bring warm tea or coffee, it may not be ideal to sip from a straw. In this case, switching to spout lids sounds more plausible. BUZIO Trio Series Insulated Water Bottles come in triple lids to crack any challenges along the way.


When out in the wild after some tiresome leg work, you tend to crave the comfort of home. That’s why we spare no effort in gearing up for our our next adventure. We recommend insulated water bottles for hiking as you can easily take the comfort of your home with you. No matter how tough your journey gets, you can drink freshly roasted coffee, or refreshingly chill water to nudge you towards your big goal. Water bottles with 24 hrs keep warm and 48 hrs keep cold capacity are your top choice. Check here to see how BUZIO water bottles do the trick in maintaining heat for the longest.

Vacuum insulation is proven to be the most energy efficient way of keeping cold / hot, without adding any weight or size to the vessel. It explains why insulated water bottles are the most popular choice in the hydration department.


No matter how fully featured your bottle is, there is always the issue of whether it is easy to transport. Water bottles on the large spectrum tend to be bulkier and heavier. Luckily, all BUZIO 64oz water bottles are accessorized with a portable carrying pouch, so that no matter where you go, you can sling it over your shoulder or cling on your backpack, sparing your hands or valuable backpack space.

It’s pretty great when a single bottle can wear many different lids or sleeves. Anyway, it makes a huge difference weather it can adapt to any situation.  

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How to Get the Most out of Insulated Water Bottles

Insulated bottle technology is essentially the same across the board, here are some tips to help sustain your hots hot and your colds cold for longer:

Pre-chill your bottle - pre-chill the walls and air inside the bottle by putting in some ice or cold water before adding your cold beverage of choice to maximize the cold-keeping properties.

Pre-warm your bottle - pouring or swirling some hot water inside your bottle before filling it with your favorite hot drink will help keep the cold metal interior from wearing away the heat from liquids.

Less air is better - to maximize hot or cold insulation, it’s best to fill up your bottle to the rim. Hot or cold air from the outside can fill the margin inside your bottle and affect the temperature of your drink.

CLEANING - Buzio water bottles, famed for its powder coat finish, can only be hand washed so to improve its lifespan. Add some hot water, a drop of dish soap, and a pinch or two of coarse salt into your bottle, then giving it a good shake usually does the trick.