Best Halloween Decorated Water Bottles Ideas 2022

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With Halloween just around the corner, it's time to start thinking about decorations! One of the best things about Halloween is that you can get really creative with your decorations. And what better way to show off your creativity than with a decorated water bottle?

This blog post will show you some of the best Halloween-decorated water bottle ideas to inspire you. Whether you're looking for something spooky, cute, or just fun, we've covered you. So grab your supplies and get ready to create some magic!

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Frankenstein water bottles are a fun and easy way to decorate for Halloween.

All you need is some green paint, black Sharpie markers, and white school glue. Paint the bottom half of the water bottle green, and let it dry completely.

Then, use the black Sharpie markers to draw a Frankenstein face on the front of the bottle.

Finally, add some white school glue around the edge of the bottle cap to create Frankenstein's hair. Your guests will love these spooky yet festive water bottles!


While most Halloween decorations are made to be spooky, some are made to be cute. These decorated water bottles are a perfect example of the latter. Each one is decked out in a festive Halloween outfit, complete with a miniature pumpkin or ghost. They're so adorable. You might just want to keep them out all year round!


To make a mummy water bottle, you will need the following:

  • 1 white or clear plastic water bottle
  • White crepe paper or tissue paper
  • Black Sharpie
  • Scissors
  • Tape


    1. Cut strips of white crepe paper or tissue paper. The width of the strips should be slightly smaller than the circumference of the water bottle.

    2. Wrap the strips around the water bottle, overlapping as you go. Secure the end of the strip with tape.

    3. Once the bottle is covered, use a black Sharpie to draw on the eyes and mouth.

    4. Cut additional paper strips to create bandages for the mummy's arms and legs. Attach these with tape as well.


    Witches are a popular Halloween decoration, and what better way to show off your holiday spirit than with a decorated water bottle? Here are some of the best Halloween-decorated water bottles ideas:

    • For a fun and festive look, try decorating your water bottle with stickers or paint. You can create any design you want, from a simple jack-o-lantern face to a more elaborate witch scene.

    • If you're feeling crafty, you can glue on some sequins, beads, or other decorations to really make your bottle stand out.

    • Want to add a bit of spookiness to your decoration? Fill your bottle with fake blood or glow-in-the-dark paint for an eerie effect.

    • Get creative with your label! Write a clever saying or pun related to witches, such as "Bewitched" or "I'm not a witch. I'm your neighbor".

    No matter what style you choose, decorating your own water bottle is a great way to show off your personality and get into the Halloween spirit!

    Skeleton water bottles

    Halloween is a great time to get creative with your water bottle decor! Here are some of the best Halloween-decorated water bottles ideas to get you started:

    • Witch's Brew: This one is perfect for those who love a good pun! Simply decorate your water bottle with green and purple streamers, add a black ribbon around the neck, and top it off with a plastic spider or two.

    • Mummy Water Bottle: Wrap your water bottle in white gauze or fabric strips, securing it with glue or clear tape. Add googly eyes for an extra spooky touch!

    • Vampire Water Bottle: Decorate your water bottle to look like a vampire's cape, using red streamers or fabric. Add some fake teeth and fangs (or use real ones if you're feeling brave!) and top it off with a black ribbon around the neck.

    • Frankenstein Water Bottle: Give your water bottle a green makeover with some green paint or markers. Add bolts on either side of the neck, and don't forget Frankenstein's signature stitches!

    • Ghost Water Bottle: You'll need a white water bottle and some black felt (or Sharpie markers) for this one. Cut out two ghostly shapes from the felt and glue or tape them onto the front of the water bottle. Drawing eyes and a mouth on each ghost. Now you have a whole pack of ghosts ready to haunt anyone who tries to drink

    Jack-O-Lantern water bottles

    Jack-O-Lantern water bottles are a spooky and fun way to decorate for Halloween. You can use any type of water bottle for this project, but we recommend using clear bottles so that the lights inside the Jack-O-Lantern will stand out.

    To make your Jack-O-Lantern water bottle, you will need:

    • 1 clear water bottle per Jack-O-Lantern
    • Orange permanent marker
    • Black Sharpie or another black marker
    • Scissors
    • Tape
    • Battery-operated tea light or LED candle

    To start, use the orange marker to color the entire outside of the water bottle orange. Next, use the black Sharpie to draw a jack-o'lantern face on one side of the bottle. Be as creative as you like with your designs!

    Once you're happy with your jack o'lantern faces, carefully cut them out with scissors.

    Now it's time to add some spooky lighting! Turn your water bottle upside down and tape the battery-operated tea light or LED candle to the bottom of the bottle. Make sure that the light is pointing up toward the jack-o'lantern face so that it will be illuminated when turned on.

    Now, all that's left to do is flip your Jack-O-Lantern right side up and turn on the light. Your spooky decoration is complete!


    We hope you enjoyed our roundup of Halloween's best-decorated water bottles. Whether you're looking for a fun and easy way to decorate your water bottle or are looking for a unique gift for someone special, these decorated water bottles are sure to be a hit.

    Do you have a favorite decorated water bottle? Let BUZIO know in the comments below!