Labour Day: Let’s Celebrate the Great Worker’s Achievements with A Gallon Jug


happy labor day

The first Monday of each September, we celebrate Labor Day to honor the social and economical achievements of the working class. It’s high time to introduce one of the greatest invention just for the working class, a mighty insulated gallon jug.

Paying tribute to our creators for building the world’s greatest economy, we carry on the legacy of our predecessors. A last-a-lifetime gallon jug is the perfect staple of working class with unparalleled potential, sustainability, and adaptability.

Labor is the Most Glorious

Technically, industrial workers are the origin of our great civilization. Before there was trade union or labor law, workers labored in the harshest setting. Labor movements rallied all workers in solidarity to fight for better pay, reasonable hours, and safer working conditions.

After rounds of fights, Labor Day is finally recognized as a legal holiday on June 28, 1894 by Congress. From then on, the first Monday of every September is celebrated as Labor Day with parades, picnics, and parties.     

Nowadays, people earn more right at work. Most of us work for fun and more fulfilling life. We round up all sorts of gears to make our work easier, one of which is owning an insulated gallon jug.

For most workers in the field, refilling water at work is still a hassle. A gallon jug conveniently tackles this concern with a hefty 128-ounce volume. It holds sufficient chilled water to last for a whole day. Now you are guaranteed of a breezy day at work fully hydrated and timely refreshed.

buzio gallon jug

How Big is A Gallon Jug?  

As an upgrade from the familiar 32 oz, 40 oz and 64 oz stainless steel bottle, a gallon jug holds 128 ounces of water. Besides hectic days at work, it is the perfect companion for balmy beach days, backcountry hikes, and sweaty gym sessions.

If we stand by the strict 8 glasses of water daily, a gallon jug holds twice as much, stretching its usability far beyond our daily need. It has gained popularity as an inspirational bottle to push yourself to drink more water. Chances are you still have some extra to share with your friends and family, blasting your time together.

For people spending long stretches of time away from a clean water source or on the road a lot, it pays to bring a large vessel along and always be ready for the unexpected. As the popularity of gallon water jug flares up, now we have more choices in terms of style, insulation, and clever designs for comfortable transportation.  

The Best Gallon Water Bottles 

gallon jugs

The larger a bottle is, the more durable it’s supposed to be. Flimsy plastic, heavy glass, or cheap metal simply won’t cut it. When we speak of gallon water bottles, we think of the sturdiest stainless steel versions. They match with the tough and macho image of athletes, explorers, site workers, or truck drivers.

Built heavy-duty but with a light weight, stainless steel gallon jug sets a high bar for large size gallon bottles. It is not chemically reactive with your drink, hence is the safest and most eco-friendly choice. Vacuum insulated with double wall stainless steel, these jugs play the role of a sanctuary to your frantic day, cheering you up with your favorite flavored drink.

For easy transportation, gallon water bottles are usually fitted with an ergonomic handle, some even accessorized with a portable carrying pouch. Carrying it won’t be too much of a hassle. Most stainless steel gallon jug has a large mouth opening. Water filling and bottle cleaning is just a twist of the lid away. Big chunks of ice can be tossed in with no problem at all. Almost all gallon jugs are designed with a spout lid so that one can drink free of spills or splashes. The only bug is that it requires lifting the bottle up, which can be a drag when it’s full. Buzio Gallon Stainless Water Bottle set the trend with a pioneer straw lid, clearing away all the bummers in terms of usability.

What makes Buzio water bottle different is its industry-leading ThermoArmour technology featuring an extra layer of copper lining on the vacuum wall, maximizing its heat retention up to 48 hrs. It’s especially important for gallon jugs considering its massive volume. Imagine what a great surprise it would be to wake up to a half bottle of iced water after a whole day under the blazing sun.

Labor Day Traditions

Like most public holidays, Labor Day is still celebrated in cities and towns across the United States with parades, picnics, barbecues, fireworks displays and other public gatherings. It’s time to honor the collective effort of American workers in building a nation of strength, freedom, and leadership. For many Americans, particularly children and young adults, Labor Day represents the end of the summer and the start of the back-to-school season. 

Drink a lot of water, stay in good spirit and health so that we can unleash more power in building a better society, rightly echos the perspective of the holiday, i.e. to honor those “who from rude nature have delved and carved all the grandeur we behold.”