Essential Items for Your August Travels: Don't Forget Your Travel Bottles

August is one of the best months to go on a short vacation. Whether you’re going for a weekend getaway or taking off on a week-long vacation, you need to leave your home fully prepared. In this blog, we discuss the essentials for your August adventures — bottles for travel, clothes, electronics, and much more. Keep reading to discover everything you’ll need for your next trip, and add it to your packing checklist.

Insulated Water Bottle

Whether you’re going to the beach or hiking in the mountains, you must always bring a travel water bottle with you. Hydration is extremely important, especially in the August heat. So, taking a bottle with you is the best way to ensure you have enough water to prevent your body from overheating. The best thing about this bottle is the fact that it’s insulated, meaning it keeps your drink cold for hours after you fill it. You can also use it to store hot drinks and have a hot cup of coffee in the morning (although we’re quite sure the August sun will have you reach for a cold refreshment). Another bonus is that this 40oz water bottle is easy to carry around, so you’ll have no trouble taking it everywhere!

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Clothing and Footwear

Once you have your best travel water bottle, the next thing on your travel checklist should be clothes and footwear. Pick out your clothes and shoes based on where you’re going. If you’re going for a beach holiday, swimsuits and light clothing are the way to go. Maybe some long sleeves if the nights get chilly. For more adventurous trips like hiking, camping, or biking, make sure to bring appropriate protective clothing and comfortable footwear. These activities often require additional bottles for travel, especially if you're going to remote areas where travel stretches beyond a day.

Personal Essentials

Besides your clothes and 40oz water bottle, don't forget to pack personal essentials. Toothbrush, hairbrush, products for personal hygiene, and whatever else you can’t imagine your day without. The items you bring on a trip vary from person to person. For some, the list can include books, while for others, this means bringing their laptop along on a holiday. This will depend on where you’re going, as well — there’s not much of a point in bringing a computer on a camping trip. Just keep in mind that all of these personal essentials need to fit in your luggage, and you’ll be responsible for them during the entire trip.

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Travel Stationery and Electronics

In recent years, travel stationery and dedicated bottles for travel have gained popularity.  Trip planners can help you organize your journey and help you keep track of your itinerary. Travel journals are a great way to document the trip, and they’re easy to carry around — just like the travel water bottle. Besides the good old paper stationery, you should always bring some electronics. Usually, a smartphone is all you need. However, you may want to bring your iPad or your Kindle. Navigation systems are also a must if you’re planning an exploration-style trip. Once again, you should adjust your packing according to the destination and to your personal preference.

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Other Necessities

You have the best travel bottle and everything else mentioned so far on this list. BHowever, there are a few more essentials often overlooked during packing. The following list has all the things people often forget to pack when traveling, so make sure you don’t!

  • Snacks: It’s a good idea to bring some snacks, at least for the duration of the trip. If you don’t like to make stops on your way there or you don’t want to scour for food as soon as you reach your destination, this is the perfect solution.
  • Travel Guidebook: When visiting a new spot, having a guidebook with all the best destinations is a good idea. Plus, these guides contain many useful tips that can make your journey more pleasant.
  • Map: An old-fashioned paper map can be a great help if you lose the Internet connection on your phone or you’re out of battery.
  • Power Bank: You may not always have access to electricity on your holiday. The solution is simple — a fully charged power bank should always be close at hand.

Pack & Go: August Edition

Once you know the essentials for an August trip, you can start packing your bags. Double-check all the items listed in this blog and get some bottles for travel if you don’t already have any. To shop for high-quality travel bottles, check out our shop. And for more useful tips like these, check out the blog. Happy vacationing!


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