10 Things to Do During Summer Break

Finally, our favorite season is here. Summer break is a carnival for the energetic and young. After binge watching all your favorite shows, you start to feel at a loss and reflect on how to make this holiday different and meaningful. Here is a guide on what to do.

  1. Get busy around the house

Take matters into your own hands, give the house a thorough cleaning, cook a nice dinner for your family, fix the broken tap. As long as you keep your hands busy, you are on a journey to soul-searching and self discovery. You start to appreciate the little things in life, marvel at the hidden talent you have in the housework department.

  1. Pursue a new hobby

Be creative, learn painting, pottery making, or a new instrument. Everybody has an artistic side, follow your heart and find your calling. You will be stunned by how satisfying it is after mastering the simplest technique. Using your creativity in an utterly new way opens unlimited possibilities. Plus, you will enjoy being zoned in on these mindful endeavors.  

  1. Train for a stronger body

Get moving, hone your body. A fit body is a lifelong asset and the pathway to a sharp mind. Learn a new dance, break through limitations. Your mobility, flexibility, and resilience will thus be improved. Plus the dopamine, aka the feel-good hormone released from working out will generally make you a happier person.

  1. Get close to the nature

Hike on the most scenic route, explore deep into the woods, have a dare on the sea. From getting ready for your excursion to actually survive with the least in the toughest, you grow into a stronger person.  

  1. Make a reading list and stick to it

Delve in a wider and bizarre universe in books. Making a list and sticking to it will stop you from quitting. Once you are drawn into the writer’s dimension, you will find it impossible to stop.

  1. Learn your community & city

Roam around. No matter how familiar or boring your hometown was in your eyes, there are always untapped territories. Find novel cafes, antique shops, vintage bookstores, monuments, graffiti. Immerse in the forgotten beauty of your world. Next time your friends come visit, you can show them the best places around.  

  1. Socialize and care your loved ones

Visit your friends, invite them over, go to parties. Hanging around with your favorite people will make your heart bloom. Meanwhile, don’t forget your family, who are the closest to you but slip your mind the most often. Talk to them, be caring companions, let your relationships grow.

  1. Volunteer

There are always the less fortunate in this world that you can provide a helping hand to. You will in turn reap a gentler and fuller heart. In this process, you may even make friends that last a lifetime.

  1. Walk out the door, engage with the world

Set up a lemonade stand, mow the lawn for your neighbor, or land an internship in your dream company are all a nice way to get busy, and learn something.   

  1. Travel

Hitchhike, backpack, stay in a hostel, the world is your oyster. Bike along the coasts, hike in the Alps, get lost in the mediterraneans, what doesn’t kill you will make you stronger. Keep a log, post it, you may even make it to the end of your trip on sponsorships.

The possibilities are endless. You can help complete the list and share it with us. Before you set out, remember to pack your Buzio water bottle. It will not only keep your body boosted, but also offer a peace of mind for being reliably robust and something to hang onto in uncalled-for situations.              

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