Mother's Day Gift Idea

mother's day

Mom, the one doing the most heavy lifting but getting much less of validation, can never be overrated in her sacred sacrifices for the family. Hard-wired as a giver, moms always put the family’s needs first, no matter how driven and ambitious a person she was. That’s probably why we are urged to spend one day in a year to honor and appreciate our mom. Mother’s Day is not only a reminder of how great our moms are, but also a time for us to reciprocate their love and form a deeper bond with this greatest person in our life.

Mom, the Kick-ass Juggler  

No matter her social roles, first of all she is a mom, and that will never change. That’s why all moms are terrific multi-taskers. She can be changing her baby’s diaper while interviewing for a new job. She can be driving her teens to school camps while on a call with a client. And she could be cooking while making arrangements on the next big family outing. She never slacks off, and is always resourceful in taking care of her loved ones, but not so often herself. She can be so occupied to a point that she forgets the most basic needs of her body, like drinking enough water or eating right to stay fit.

We’ve let our moms do so much for us, now is our turn to do something for her, like gifting her the most compact, reliable, and verstaile water bottle so that staying hydrated becomes an organic part of her hectic schedule. For coffee drinking mom, we’ve got BUZIO Pop series tumbler that follows her anywhere on her journey; drinking is made effortless as breathing. For outdoorsy mom, we present our Rock series mega bottles. BUZIO gallon bottles make sure a refill lasts a whole day of healthy water drinking. Our largest 1.5 gallon / 192 oz bottle holds enough for her with extra to spare and share, which is perfect for our caring moms who always look out for everyone in the family. For working moms, we have our Trio / Duet series that come with triple / double lids taking care of her chameleon agendas of being a mom, an office commuter, and a gym-goer.

Mom, the Hero of the World    

The sound of mom connotes the hardest work and the gentelest heart. We celebrate motherhood with flowers, kind gestures of handmade gifts, beauty / spa treatment, and family dinners on this special day in her honor. But at the end of the day, it’s our day-to-day regards and gestures that hit mom’s soft spot the most. Our small deeds of everyday is affirmation enough to show her how great a job she has been doing, which is her forever inner force in barging forward and becoming the super woman she is now.  

Mom as the life-giver, care-taker, educator, and moral guide, has a transformative impact on our community and world. Our respect and celebration of her is an ode to the continuity of mankind, integrity, and dedication to a better future. Let’s make our moms proud, starting from living healthy and sustainable together.