6 Little Things to Being Healthy: Nutrition, Hydration, Sleep & More


  1. Eat healthily and moderately
  2. Drink enough water
  3. Get enough sleep
  4. Be active
  5. Maintain personal hygiene
  6. Keep a good mood

Being healthy is a lifelong pursuit of humans. Staying healthy is known to be a prerequisite for everything. Everyone takes their health more seriously and wants to be healthy for a long time.

However, many people believe that being healthy involves a controlled diet, work and rest, and plenty of workouts, and they shrink back when talking to that. Actually, easy things can have an great effect on health. You can start with making little changes in your daily life, then you will be paid off for the rest of your life. Here are some tips to help you with your health:

Eat healthily and moderately

You need a balanced diet with vegetables, fruits, protein, dairy and whole grains every day. Limiting the intake of sugar, salt and oil, this means that you need to eat less junk food. Cooking yourself is the best. You don't have to make complicated dishes, just ensure they contain the nutrients mentioned above. If you find it troublesome in eating lots of vegetables or fruits, you can squeeze them into juice.

Remember not to overeat. Eating until you're 70-80% full is the most appropriate. Overeating usually makes you intake excessive calories, fats and sugars, causing food accumulation, elevated blood sugar levels and increased blood lipid levels, finally resulting in obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and accelerated aging.

Drink enough water

Water maintains body function and good health. No one can live without water. Adults need about 2500 ml of water per day, while kids should drink 1000-2000 ml of water. Drinking water speeds up the metabolism, keeps the correct body temperature, promotes the elimination of toxins, and also increases the elasticity of the skin. Water maintains blood circulation, respiration, digestion, absorption, secretion, diarrhea and other physiological activities.

Tips: Don't drink water when you're thirsty. When people feel thirsty, their bodies have already lost at least 1% of water. To keep drinking water, you can consider carrying a water bottle with you. Maybe you should choose a one gallon water bottle!

Get enough sleep

Adults usually need at least 7 hours of sleep time a night. Kids need 8 hours or more according to their ages. Sleeping enough makes you full of energy to work, study, and do other things. Sleep allows body organs to get relaxed and recovered, reducing sickness and serious health problems.

If you have difficulty falling asleep, you should prepare to sleep earlier. Do not spend time on the phone before sleep. Stretch yourself and find a comfortable sleeping position, then try to sleep.

Be active

Don't be lazy on the sofa after work!

One of the great ways to beat fatigue is to exercise. Exercise releases energy, this energy makes you feel refreshed. Regular exercise can improve sleep quality and help fall asleep more quickly. Your muscles can be strengthened through doing sports.

So your motion will be more coordinated and less prone to get hurt. Exercise is a healthy way to stay in shape, which is more effective than dieting to lose weight. Research has confirmed that physical activity can boost the immune system.

If you are not used to doing physical exercise, you can start with walking. Walk to school or work. Walk your dog after meals. Walk to a shopping mall or coffee shop. Anyway, move your body.

Maintain personal hygiene

Having good hygiene habits can help reduce the growth of bacteria and prevent the spread of diseases. Wash your hands frequently, especially before eating and after going to the bathroom. Use soap if necessary. Clean your body everyday and wear clean clothes. Brush your teeth at least twice a day. Using a dental floss can help clean your teeth more thoroughly after meals. Clean or cut your nails if they're dirty or long. After going to the hospital or playing with your pet, remember to clean your hands carefully.

Keep a good mood

Many mental illnesses are caused by excessive psychological stress and increased negative energy. Whether you're dealing with people or things, you should keep a peaceful mind. Think positively, you will not be surrounded by negative emotions. Do not expect too much and be satisfied with everything, you won't get disappointed. When you feel stressed, talk to people who are happy to listen to you. Always keep an interest that can help you relax.


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