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Portable Coffee Maker | Compact Espresso Machine


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  • QUICK SELF-HEATING & BREWING - 60s to extract directly or 180s to heat up
  • LONG BATTERY - 7500 mAh Battery for 5 times* Cold Water / 200+ Hot Water Brews
  • THREE BREWING METHODS - Cold brew, warm brew with hot water & warm brew with cold water
  • DUAL COFFEE INPUT - Compatible with both coffee capsules and ground coffee
  • COMPACT & LIGHT WEIGHT - 640g lightweight design & hands-free
  • CERTIFIED STANDARDS - European-certified FCC and CE certifications.
  • WARRANTY - One Year

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Unleash Your Coffee Adventure Anywhere with this Portable Espresso Machine

The perfect travel buddy for aficionados of coffee. This portable coffee maker enables you to savor your preferred espresso wherever you may roam. Bid farewell to exorbitant coffee expenses and lengthy queues at coffee shops with the ease of preparing your ideal coffee blend at home or while traveling. Just a simple touch initiates the process of crafting a delightful cup of coffee, granting you the liberty to relish barista-quality espresso effortlessly.

portable coffee maker that heats water


  • Water Tank Material: Food-grade stainless steel
  • Net Weight: 640g
  • Built-in Battery: 7500mAh
  • Power: 90W
  • Charging Voltage: 5V
  • Capacity: Max.80ml
  • Extraction Pressure: 20bar
  • Extraction Temp: 96°C/205°F
  • Extraction Way: Off-line extraction
  • Heating Function: Yes
  • Applicable: Nespresso Capsule/Ground Coffee
  • Accessories in the box

    coffee cup

    Coffee Cup

    Capsule Adapter

    Capsule Adapter

    Ground Coffee Filter Basket

    Ground Coffee Filter Basket

    Ground Coffee Spoon

    Ground Coffee Spoon

    Type-C Cable

    Type-C Cable

    How to use

    For More Details, Pls Refer to the user manual
    add coffee


    Supports both ground coffee and capsules.


    Screw the portafilter onto the coffee maker tightly.
    add water


    Add 50-80ml of either hot/cold water into the water tank
    campling espresso maker


    Press 2 seconds to automatically heat up cold water and extract.

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    portable espresso maker

    Enjoy the perfect coffee flavor while traveling

    Strong Coffee Extraction: Precise heating the cold water to 92°C/198°F through 20 Bars Pressure with Richer Crema Coffee.

    Experience professional-level coffee brewing on the go with our portable coffee maker featuring a powerful 20-bar pressure pump. This innovative technology ensures optimal extraction of flavors from your favorite coffee grounds, delivering rich and aromatic espresso that rivals your favorite café.
    Compact and convenient, this portable espresso machine ensures you can enjoy your beloved brew anytime, anywhere while traveling.

    cold brew

    Cold Brew

    Iced Americano: Add cold water, then double press the button, 60s to get cold coffee.

    warm brew with hot water

    Warm brew with hot water

    Italian coffee: Add hot water and double press the button, 60s to get hot coffee.

    Warm brew with cold water

    Warm brew with cold water

    Latté: Add cold water, then press the button for 2 seconds to heat the water, 180s to get hot coffee.

    make your own flavor

    Explore more flavor

    Craft your own coffee blend for a personalized and delicious taste.

    best portable coffee maker that heats water best portable coffee maker that heats water




    Extracting directly


    Heating & Extracting


    Light and Portable


    Is this mini coffee maker compatible with pods other than Nespresso pods?

    Yes, this good travel coffee machine is compatible with ground coffee and coffee capsules (Nespresso, L'OR, Jacobs, Lavazza, Kimbo,and Cafe Royal). Please press firmly on the coffee capsule for a successful extraction.

    Does the travel coffee brewer heat up the water?

    Yes, if you want to warm brew, it will heat up the water if it is cold by itself. The machine will heat up the water till the point where it is 96° degrees celcius (about 205℉). If you add hot water upfront, the heating time will significantly decrease and you will save a lot of battery capacity.

    What should you do if the coffee doesn't come out?

    Due to the air pressure, the coffee might not be able to come out, and the coffee grounds might block the inner tube and prevent the coffee from draining. Please use purified water only before brewing. Run the device with cold water before each use, no need to install the portafilter; simply double-click the button for extraction. Not only cleans the inner parts but also prevents issues. If blockage occurs, invert the device, remove the portafilter, and pour cold water into the outlet. Double-click the button to release pressure and resolve the problem.

    How many cups can you brew with one charge

    The ideal performance of the Espresso machine is achieved with a 50ml water extraction, resulting in a 30ml espresso shot. To optimize your brewing, I suggest consistently using 50ml, allowing for 5 cups on a full charge. However, if you opt for 80ml water usage, the machine's capacity reduces to extracting only 3 cups.

    How long does the portable espresso maker take to heat a full reservoir (80 ml)?

    It takes about 3 minutes to heat up a full reservoir. This is very dependent on the temperature of the water that you put in.

    How long should my battery take to charge?

    It takes 3 ~ 3.5 hours to fully charge it under this power adapter. It can also be used for charging 12V/24V car chargers in car.

    Can you use it while charging?

    Yes, but we recommend to use it when it is fully charged and unplugged.

    Does it work with 220v or 240V?

    Both 220V and 240V can be charged as long as the charging adapter supports it. Please note that the output voltage of the adapter is at least 5V and the output power is at least 10w.

    Can the portable coffee machine be washed in the dishwasher?

    No, you can simply wash the adapter where the coffee goes in very quickly with a sponge and detergent. However, do not use boiling water to wash the fuselage shell.