Buzio ThermoArmour Technology

Introducing The Super Sustainable BUZIO ThermoArmour Technology

All BUZIO thermal bottles feature ThermoArmour technology where copper is vacuum plated on the inner side of the insulating stainless steel walls. The copper-plated layer reflects heat radiation to minimize heat loss, forming a heat insulating layer in the bottle. That's why all BUZIO thermos bottles boast of up to 48 hours keep-cold and 24-hours keep-warm insulation. We make sure every sip is as refreshingly cold or aromatically warm as you leave home after a whole day on the field.

30% More Heat Retainability With Copper Plated Insulation

Every one of BUZIO thermos bottles is vacuum insulated with double-wall stainless steel. The vacuum seal between the outer and inner layer helps prevent the loss of heat to achieve max heat insulation. However, vacuum insulating alone does not ensure the best insulation. For this purpose, BUZIO has started researching and developing from the very start. Discovery showed that applying vacuum copper plating on the interior of the vacuum structure can best reflect heat radiation so that the inside of the bottle best retains temperature with minimal heat loss. That's why our state-of-the-art heat preservation technology ThermoArmour has been put to every bottle.

Studies further prove that vacuum insulated stainless steel water bottle with copper plating on the inner wall possess 30% more thermal insulation than that of same type vacuum insulated stainless steel water bottle.

Copper plating liner is characterized by its superior stability and corrosion resistance so that it can reliably reflect thermal radiation and enhance insulation while reducing heat loss.

Since copper layer is lined on the interior of the vacuum walls without contacting with beverages, no safety hazard will cause from using such bottles. Plus, copper is harmless to human body. Besides its remarkable extra 30% heat insulation property, it does all good but zero harm to our body. Who can resist a bottle of soul-cleansing ice water right by your side after a hectic day at full throttle?