5 Best Water Bottles of 2022

The most direct way to stay hydrated every day is to keep a reusable water bottle on hand. However, so many different types on the market make it hard to decide which one fits you most. We provide some ideas for you and hope they work for you.  

buzio water bottles

What we consider?

Capacity: From 14oz to 128oz, the capacity is large enough for you to choose. Based on your water intake, you can decide the right capacity. Children can enjoy a smaller capacity. If you are often 'on the way', you might want to consider a water bottle in the 24-32oz range—it is not too small that you need to constantly refill it, and not too big to make it inconvenient to carry. If you drink frequently, you should consider a 32oz water bottle or larger. 64oz water bottles can meet your daily water needs. For people who need super hydration, a gallon water bottle is preferred.

Materials: The water bottles we mention here are all insulation water bottles, which is the best for your safety and the temperature of your drink than with plastic or glass.

Lid Type: If you like to take big sips straightly or add ice cubes hassle-free, a wide-mouth water bottle is the ideal choice. But if you are afraid of the embarrassment of spilling your clothes or face in public, you can consider a narrow-mouth water bottle on the safe side. The lid can be fully detached or twisted off but stay attached. Depending on your sip preferences, you can also choose screw-on lids, straw lids, or easy-twist spout lids. Companies often sell separate lid accessories to customize the sipping experience to your liking.

straw lid

Best for Kids

Everything about Buzio Kids Series is so perfect for kids. It’s sized for small hands and has a ridge on the straw mouth to help little ones to easily flip, perfect for sipping. It comes with 2 straw lids, even if one gets dirty, you can immediately replace it with another one. On the lid, there’s a grip handle for carrying the bottle. The series is designed with interesting prints on the bottle to win over kids. Thanks to vacuum insulation, this 14oz stainless steel bottle will keep water fresh and cold/hot for a full school day. When the lid is closed, the water bottle is completely leak-proof, you don’t worry about water soaking the books when it’s put in the book bag. And it’s sweat-proof. The straw can be removed for thorough cleaning with a straw brush.

Best for Drivers

Buzio Trophy Series easily fits in a cup holder and has two straws, one of which is convenient to sip from without tipping your head back, making it ideal for when you're busy driving. To open or close the straw lid, you only need to use one hand. It has rather good capacity of 32oz and can keep cold for 48 hours and hot for 24 hours, you can enjoy your journey longer. Of course it’s 100% leak-proof, no problem with bumpy roads.

Best Looking

Why don’t you take a water bottle that matches your outfit? Buzio Pop Series is available with everything from frosted coat to rainbow gloss finish as well as gradient colors to solid colors. In addition to being beautiful, this stainless steel insulated water bottle keeps water freezing or steaming hot. Since it’s tumbler insulated water bottle, it fits most car cup holders and is easy to clean. You will get 2 different lids for different uses or drinks. With the sturdy ring and ribbon, the tumbler is hassle-free to carry. It’s watertight and doesn’t produce any condensation on the outside so you can always take it on the go without worrying that it will make a mess. Its portability and style make it become hot star in fashion community.

Best for the Great Outdoors

Hikers, campers, and fishermen will love the superb practicality and rugged construction of Buzio Rock Series. They’ll find it exceptionally good at keeping beverages cold or hot during a long day outdoors. There are 2 classy 16 oz stainless steel beer cups, a family can share happiness. When you twist the spout lid off, you’ll find a smaller drinking spout to drink from. Take the spout lid off and there’s a 4.33 inch of huge mouth for adding ice tubes and cleaning. Don’t worry about carrying problem, it’s equipped with an extra-thick and textured handle on the lid, which reduces the pressure on your hands.

gallon jugs

Best 64 oz water bottles

64oz water bottles can hold around 2000ml water, which is perfect for daily use as a man needs about 2000ml water a day. Buzio 64oz Water Bottle comes in different colors. Some people don’t like large capacity because of its inflexibility. You can use it at home instead taking it outside. You don’t need to constantly refill it to ensure daily intake. It uses 18/8 stainless steel and keeps your drinks cold all day. Use its straw lid or flex lid as you desired. 2.2 inch wide mouth makes ice filling handy.

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