What Makes BUZIO Bottles Posh & Profoundly Sturdy?

Buzio Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottles

Grab a BUZIO insulated water bottle, you can immediately notice the familiar particle finish with the perfect amount of depth and polish. Each and every one of BUZIO water bottle sports state-of-the-art powder coating to give it a frosty finish with an organic touch. More than that, powder coated surfaces possess much higher resistance to banging, scratching, dinging, chipping, and other effects of wear and tear than plastic, metal, and glass. That’s why our water jugs do not only look and feel good, but also are more robust to withstand the toughest handling in the wild.

Powder Coating Technology

Powder coating is a dry finishing process applying thermostatic resins to a substrate. Modern electrostatic application brings about maximized production, efficiencies, and simplified environmental compliance as it can basically spray on any surface of a product. Based on polymer resin systems, power coatings merge pigments, curatives, leveling agents, flow modifiers, and other additives, that are processed through melting, mixing, cooling, grounding into a uniform powder similar to baking flour. Its fine texture and rich assortmnet of colors offer a finish with the most natural palette, deepest dimensions, and forever dry touch.  


It's tough. It looks cool, and it lasts long. It’s also an attractive choice with many environmental advantages, as it releases few to zero volatile organic compounds (VOCs) to the atmosphere. With all good of being safe, tough, and durable, powder coating has been proudly applied to each and every one of our insulated bottles.

One may feel like to ask, can I dishwash my BUZIO stainless steel water bottles? What about putting them in the freezer or microwave? As powder coat is some extra finish on stainless steel, it’s suggested you wash the bottles by hand and steer away from freezer and microwave. As all BUZIO bottles are ergonomicly designed with no curves, hides, or nooks inside, you can easily wash it by a simple rinse with soapy water to get it squeakly clean.