Back to School: How to Pick a School Water Bottle

With August is in full swing, it’s high time we make adjustments from summer break to the school season. Getting ready for school can be hectic and crazy for both parents and kids. For starters, picking a nice water bottle for the little and small can never go wrong. Here are some more back to school tips to make it easier.

back to school tips

Tidy your home for back to school

The key to start your day in a good mood is to get out of door on time, so that everything is in order and under control. If you want to make back to school less stressful, get your house organized can be a good start. Being more organized will take some of the stress and chaos out of your day. Prepare a nice bottle of ice water by the night stand using BUZIO Kids Water Bottle, and you will brim with joy getting out of bed.

Some of the easy ways to be organized for school is to sort out the closets so clothes are easier to pick out, also make sure that there is a place for shoes and backpacks to go so you can find them easily in the morning without wasting time looking for them daily. With a tidy home, you can be out of the door well organized and fully geared in a snap.

Create a morning routine

One of the most stressful parts of school starting is going from carefree, easy or lazy mornings to hectic busy mornings that can get quickly out of control. 

That’s why it’s all the more important to make a morning routine that suits every member of the family. Routines make tracking your to-dos easier so that you and your kids can be out of the door on time.

What make morning routines plausible are sufficient preps the night before. Get things done as much as possible the night before, i.e. packing your lunch / water bottle, planning your outfit, will save you time in the morning. In the mornings, know exactly what needs to be done. Make a checklist so that the little ones can focus on what they need to do. The list can go like: make your bed, brush your teeth, brush your hair, drink lots of water, eat breakfast, get dressed, make sure you have your lunch and water bottle, make sure your backpack is ready to go, put on your shoes, etc.

Attend Back to School Meetings & Read Newsletters

Many children get nervous about new situations, including changing to a new school, classroom, or teacher. This may happen at any age. If your child seems nervous, it can be helpful to rehearse heading into the new situation. Take them to visit the new school or classroom before the first day of school, do a trial run-walking to their classroom, locate their locker, desk, and meet the teacher. Remind them that there are probably a lot of soon-to-be-peers who are uneasy about the first day of school. Teachers are experienced in this kind of situation, and will make an extra effort to make sure everyone feels as comfortable as possible. If your child seems agitated, talk to them, help clear their misgivings and problem-solve ways to navigate the new situation. 

At this time of change, you can get your kids a fancy new gift to ease their agitations or ask them to keep using the old ones as a sort of emotional support. Water bottles may count as the most frequently used supply at school. Let the kids decide to swap for a new or let the old one stretch for a bit longer.  

Create a back to school budget

With rising inflation, back to school can get expensive if you don’t budget and plan ahead of time. You will be overwhelmed by the super long shopping list, from back to school clothes, new backpack, school supplies, getting haircuts, plus school fees like PTA and clubs or sports. 

Without proper planning, back to school cost can quickly add up and weigh you down, especially if you have multiple kids. So to make back to school not so tough on the wallet and to stretch your dollars as far as possible, here are a couple of tips. First, make a list of all the things that you need that way you can keep fun and impulsive purchases to a minimum. Next shop sales. Check out your favorite shops for kids’ clothing and school supplies and see who is having sales and or offering coupons. Kind reminder, BUZIO now offer 20% off (CODE: BTS20) its school-ready water bottles and drinkwares so that your kids can have the chicest and most durable insulated water bottles to start another school year of great work.

Review expectations

Back to school can be stressful for both the parents and children. Keeping communication open on both sides is important. Remember to be the backbone of your kids no matter what. One way to reassure your kids is to review expectations and go over things together before school starts.

What do you expect as far as grades, homework, doing chores, what time are you going to leave in the mornings, what are the after-school plans. Have a family meeting and go over everything. Showing solidarity is a great start for a wonderful parent-child friendship and will help the little ones sail through any rough journey.

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